Tachograph Calibration & Service

The tachograph is an incredibly important piece of equipment for truck drivers and O-licence holders. Our VOSA approved centres are fully equipped for the accurate servicing and repair of tachographs, including minor repairs, 2-year checks, and even calibration.

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Tachograph Calibration & Service

Our dedicated team provides a full range of tachograph services and repair from our Duxford Centre. Whether minor repairs, periodic and 2-year checks or resealing and calibration, we have the tools and knowledge to service and repair both digital and analogue tachographs.

Our VOSA Approved Tachograph Centres are fully equipped and each of our centres has a full selection of tachograph consumables. Our team is able to offer:

  • Minor repairs for both digital and analogue tachographs
  • Periodic checks between the 2-year checks
  • Tachograph re-seal
  • Six-year calibration as well as 2-year checks
  • Replacement tachograph head

For more information about our tachograph services, or to arrange for your vehicle to come in, get in touch with our team here.

Service available at:

WTL Cambridge

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